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While the Real Estate Market continues to change daily some homeowners have taken a different approach to finding a new home. Realizing selling might be hard so they have began to renovate and expand. Renovating your home can a sure fire way to increase the value, fix flaws, and add to suit your needs without a moving truck. My first comment to Clients that come to me looking to renovate their home is make sure you don’t over improve. Over improving is becoming more common as the do it yourself channels have home owners looking to make large changes. Keep in the back of your head that when you plan your renovation your mind can get your check book in trouble. So the budget must be top priority starting from day one of planning as it is always, always, and always the biggest regret homeowners have after a large project. I have read numerous studies about the average overage on construction budgets for renovations falls between 15-25 percent. While the Contractor and Homeowner may benefit from this additional work I’d say about 90% of this overage will be from the homeowner adding and or changing the original plan. The remaining 10% has to do with items that couldn’t have been seen prior to getting into the renovation.

Dollar Smart Home Owners can find multiple areas where they can find savings without sacrificing quality or the overall plan. I say this time in and time again to clients no matter what hat I am wearing that day… DO YOUR HOMEWORK! A little research a head of time can be the difference between getting your complete wishlist vs. overpaying for a few items on this list. Do the research on products, materials, and methods of installation. Don’t obsess over it but sit in front of your computer for a few minutes and do some Search Engine Work. It is so easy today to find useful information that can save you money and headaches.

I believe renovations that are done correctly, dollar wise, and well thought out not only add value to your home but add years to your living situation.

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